please do not let politics be the reason why you're ignorant

(let’s just try and put politics aside for now cuz the focus is on China and it’s cultural history,how much it has improved over the years ,how they have their modern innovations and still remember their beautiful past.)

(edit:my answer is super long because it’s hard to put my feelings into words and I’m sorry for being long winded but you can just look at the pictures and scroll all the way to the bottom,the last two to three paragraphs are kind of like a mini summary ‍♀️:) you can leave questions for me too if there’s anything you want to know about the country or the culture,I’ll love to answer them!!and I’m so sorry if what I’m writing sounds repetitive to you because I was trying my best to put those feelings into words and as you guys can probably tell,it definitely wasn’t easy at all)

yes,a lot.




i went to China in 2017 as an 11 year old kid who didn’t have very good impressions of the country prior to that. as a Cantonese,(edit:I’m a Singaporean Chinese,my grandfather came from guangdong so I’m of Cantonese descent:) ✨)I grew up watching Hong Kong dramas and mainland China would forever be portrayed as a poor village or a rural area.this was how I’ve always viewed the country,as a kid,I also heard about those “stories” where you get abducted easily in China,there are many scammers in China and how their public toilets do not have doors to them,how their people are mean,rude and nasty.and then baby me trusted whatever the adults said.

i went to China with my school,not my family.yes we went to tourist attractions and fancy fancy restaurants and luckily enough,we visited a school and a car factory. it was beautiful.the tourist attractions we visited were mostly historical relics and there was a different beauty to it,sure,it’s not modern beauty but it’s unique in a certain way,and there were many fascinating stories of the people from the older days. it’s a country with 4000 years of history,a country with a really really fascinating and complicated history,so many so many stories of people of the past and how great China was back in the days.




it’s beautiful,at least in the eyes of mine

they weren’t taken with cameras of the best quality but I think you might be able to feel something just be looking at the pictures,the story behind them that definitely cannot be explained in a few words.

(I’m sorry I was too young back that to actually have the consciousness to take beautiful pictures so these were taken by my teachers :))

yea it’s filter-less but I’m sure without the filter,through the screen,you can see the country’s beauty.it’s the peacefulness that attracts me,how everything seems so simple yet so complicated and beautiful at the same time.you can tell from the pictures that there’s a long long story to it.now that I’m looking back at this,I feel like I can imagine how glorious China was back in the days,how strong and mighty and beautiful they were.

there’s a different beauty to all these places and I’m not sure if you guys can see it but I can and I could. as a Chinese,it wasn’t very hard for me to finally see a different side to China 5 years ago. as a young girl,I was taken aback by everything.





I’m sorry to have to ruin these pictures like this.anyway,I really liked the vibes of this picture in the calligraphy room,the beauty of Chinese indeed.

i don’t even think you have to understand the words to see the beauty in it

it has that very peaceful thing to it,beauty in peace eh and look at the colours of the school !! how pretty !!i would have loved to go to a school this pretty !!

after this photo dump,what I’m trying to say is that China is not what we all remember them to be.the country has really improved a lot and it’s very very modern now !! while keeping the beauty of their history in them,they’re advancing in technology as well!! as they embrace their culture,they’re moving forward.

there’s literally no one using cash nowadays,all using their e wallets,yes even the elderly and the young children.there’s technology everywhere(I’m not gonna show u pics cuz of copyright and all that hehe)like you go the supermarket and you do the self check out,you stand in front of the machine and wait for them to recognise you through your eyes and then deduct money from your wallet.you look at all the robots serving you,being your tour guides.





this is the amazing part of China,and I saw the beauty in their history myself when I was there and started being interested in their culture,thus knowing about the technological advancements.

Well yeah,everybody else out there probably don’t want to visit China because of propaganda and all those politics,resulting in people being biased.yea it’s hard but all I ask of you is to keep your mind open and before coming to judgements,take a look at the country yourself,visit China yourself and you’ll probably be mindblown (cuz I don’t know which culture has a history as long as theirs and also because of your originally biased mindset:))

I really hope you see the beauty in the country,it’s not the country from the 1970s anymore,they’ve advanced in every way possible and they’re no longer just a 3rd world country.(especially in the developed cities)they are doing great and they’re definitely more that that already and I’m forever proud to call myself a Chinese