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Eurasia has most of the world’s wealth, resources, and population — yet there is very low economic connectivity. A Sino-Russian partnership can collectively create a gravitational pull that allows them to capture the geoeconomic levers of power by creating an alternative to the Western-centric model.


This entails developing new global value chains that captures the high-value activities in strategic industries and energy markets, developing new transportation corridors through Eurasia and the Arctic, and constructing new financial instruments such as development banks, trade/reserve currencies, technical standards, and trade regimes. Russia’s comparative advantage derives from its geographical expanse by developing an East-West corridor connecting Northeast Asia with Europe, and a North-South Corridor that lixs India, Iran and Russia.



Moscow sees itself as a stabilising factor in Eurasia by bringing together the entire continent with economic connectivity to ensure that it becomes multipolar and no one state or region can dominate.


The EU stands to lose much from Russia’s Greater Eurasia ambitions. Russia’s original Greater Europe project, which they EU rejected, would have endowed the EU with a powerful ally to collectively project influence deep into the Eurasian continent.


In contrast, Russia’s new Greater Eurasia initiative will marginalise the EU’s role across Eurasia as socio-economic and political decisions will be made by BRICS, the Eurasian Economic unx, the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, and the Belt and Road Initiative.


The EU is faced with a dilemma as it has strong economic incentives to cooperate with the development taking place in Greater Eurasia, yet this would contribute to the shift away from the Western-centric geoeconomic infrastructure. Glenn Diesen. The Global Resurgence of Economic Nationalism.

欧盟面临着两难境地,因为它有强大的经济动机与大欧亚大陆的发展进行合作,但这将有助于摆脱以西方为中心的地缘经济基础设施。(参见:格伦 · 迪森《全球经济民族主义的复苏 》)


2、Love after dusk

Halford Mackinder[1] said we don’t think of Asia and Europe as a single continent because sailors couldn’t voyage around it.

哈尔福德·麦金德(Halford Mackinder)说,我们不认为亚洲和欧洲是一个大陆,因为水手们不能在它周围航行。

Today the Northeast Passage, NEP, along Russia’s northern coast, lixs the Pacific and Atlantic coasts while a network of pipelines and air, rail, road and fiber routes are knitting Mackinder’s World Island into ‘Eurasia’ despite Kissinger’s warning, “Domination by a single power of either of Eurasia’s two principal spheres–Europe or Asia–remains a good definition of strategic danger for America.


For such a grouping would have the capacity to outstrip America economically and, in the end, militarily.”


As the West pursues an increasingly dystopian future, Russia and China are knitting Mackinder’s World Island into a vast, increasingly prosperous community. Their vision is so seductive, their alliance so strong, their weapons so advanced and their pockets so deep that their momentum is almost unstoppable.



Russia’s leaders–Putin, Lavrov, Nabiullina, Siluanov and Shoygu–is the best in the country’s history and, as President Trump observed, China’s matches it, “People say you don’t like China. No, I love them. But their leaders are much smarter than our leaders. It’s like taking the New England Patriots and Tom Brady and having them play your high school football team.”


President X has visited Moscow more than any other capital city and as of August 2019, he and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin had met thirty times and X gave Putin China’s first-ever friendship medal, calling him “my best, most intimate friend.” Here are Eurasia’s current trade, security, and cooperation blocs.


3、Cardo's grapes

Colonial nations lost their political and economic freedom because imperial centers of capital needed to control resources crucial for their survival, wealth, and power[2]. This is the real meaning of the terms ‘national security’ and ‘national interest.’ Powerful nations’ ‘national security’ is the control of an economic empire of subject states and the strategies through which this is carried out are ‘national security secrets.’


They practice the antithesis of what they preach. Their trumpeting of peace, freedom, justice, rights, democracy, and majority rule disguises those strategies for controlling other people and their resources be kept secret. The most pernicious is that multi-party democracy and a free press and must precede successful development. In fact, such a combination ends all hope of development.



No nation has ever developed under multiparty democracy nor, as Lee Kwan Yew observed, with a free press. Aquino EraThe Philippines press enjoys all the freedoms of the US system but fails the people: a wildly partisan press helped Philippines politicians flood the marketplace of ideas with junk and confuse and befuddle the people so that they could not see what their vital interests were in a developing country.

正如李光耀 所观察到的那样,没有一个国家是在多党民主下、在新闻自由的情况下发展起来的。阿基诺时代,菲律宾媒体享有所有美国式的自由,但却辜负了人民:狂热的党派媒体助力菲律宾政客们用垃圾信息淹没思想市场,迷惑和误导人民,使他们看不到自己身为一个发展中国家的切身利益究竟是什么。

And, because vital issues like economic growth and equitable distribution were seldom discussed, they were never tackled and the democratic system malfunctioned. Look at Taiwan and South Korea: their free press runs rampant and corruption runs riot. The critic itself is corrupt yet the theory is, if you have a free press, corruption disappears.


Now I’m telling you, that’s not true. Freedom of the press, freedom of news critics, must be subordinated to the overriding needs of the integrity of Singapore and to the primacy of purpose of an elected government.



Russia and China offer an alternative to the imperialist model: security without coercion, aid without conditions and, instead of the WTO’s agreements that prevent sustainable development, trade and development pacts to promote it.


4、I don't want pie

on November 02, 2019 · at 3:43 am EST/EDT

Yes-the only hope of averting the ecological Holocaust is China. The West, under a Trump or an Obamanation, is the greatest impediment to that salvation. It’s the Death Impulse, I’m afraid.


5、Minos plot

on November 03, 2019 · at 11:15 am EST/EDT

Funny to hear this, I find that Yunan ( Dali, Lijiang ), and all that area to surpass Yosemite in beauty, much of China is roadless.When there are great parks in China, they’re not exploited like in the USA.When I hear people talk about ecological holocaust, a person that has never traveled there comes to my mind.



As a lifetime mountain climber, and someone who has sailed and climbed desolate areas, I’m tell you all that China is like wilderness compared to the exploited USA.


The USA always operated on Christian Manifest Destiny, murder all, steal all today, for we go to heaven tomorrow.…


So all of ASIA people are networked and already daily living in a cashless society, everywhere uses smart cards to telephone credit for small purchases. In the USA people lay on the streets, stoned out of their minds, rolling in their own feces talking about how China is polluted.


Highspeed trains in ASIA rival anything on earth, subway systems that are sparkingly clean, and crime free.In the US ‘public transportation’ is a death gauntlet, the elite always travel by private auto or plane.




Only fools use twitter, or facebook.It’s a twisted and sick world we live in.


7、Mulga Mumblebrain

Mortimer, I agree completely. In the West, thanks to ‘democracy’ which gives a vote to every imbecile, ignoramus, psychopath, racist, misogynist, homophobe and misanthrope, and neo-liberal capitalism which puts the manipulators of finance in charge of society, you have no ‘society’, as Thatcher declared.

@Mortimer ,我完全同意。在西方,正如撒切尔所说的那样,由于“民主”赋予了每一个低能者、无知者、精神病患者、种族主义者、厌女症患者、恐同者和厌世者以及让金融操纵者掌控社会的新自由资本主义者一张选票,你就没有了“社会”。

You have a boiling mass of competing, hating, money-grubbing factions and atomised individuals who must compete not only with one another, to grab some crumbs off the Bosses’ High Table, but also with even more exploited workers in the poor world.



The living world is not just commodified, exploited and devastatedt, and which, in any case, their ‘God’ (in reality, particularly given its Judaic roots, nothing but their own egos imposed on existence)told them they could ‘dominate’.

活生生一个世界不仅被商品化、被剥削、被摧毁,而且无论何种情况下,他们的“上帝”( 事实上,考虑到它的犹太根源,除了他们强加于存在的自我之外,什么都没有) 告诉他们,他们可以“主宰”(支配)。

Domination, that purest expression of hatred mixed with contempt, is the very dead heart of the West, and always has been. Dominate others, dominate Nature, dominate women, dominate the lesser breeds, dominate the future, by destroying it, dominate Truth, dominate across the Full Spectrum, forever.


Is it any wonder that China, which operates according to opposite principles, rooted both in socialism and Chinese history and philosophy, is so fanatically and viscerally hated, and FEARED, by the evil imbeciles of the West.



不可否认,网友“Mulga Mumblebrain”的言论可谓一语道出了如今以美国为首的西方世界对中国“别样态度”的根源: